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Thanksgiving images 2018: Thanksgiving is approaching and will be there in a few days. Start preparing yourself to welcome the festival. It is a fall festival where you get an opportunity to express your gratitude towards God and to all the things around you. Greeting and wishing your family and relatives is an important part of every festival so is of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is all about family meets and large feasts where all give thanks to god and enjoy this festival. Greeting and wishes are shared with family and friends.

This year wish your Family and friends with Thanksgiving images. These images include all the Thanksgiving elements like images of Turkey, plants, flowers, fruits, fall season, etc. You can make your Thanksgiving more special with the some awesome Thanksgiving images and quotes.

Today we have a brought a wonderful collection of Thanksgiving Day images for you. From here download images from our Thanksgiving images 2017 collections, images with quotes from Bible; Thanksgiving images peanuts, Thanksgiving images turkey, funny and vintage images. As these images are free you can share them with your family or frame them and hang them on the wall of your dining area.

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So, scroll down and check out these beautiful, funny and nice Thanksgiving images free download and share with your loved ones this Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving images with quotes

Thanksgiving images with quotes give you a chance to show your gratitude to God and to your loved ones.

Check out these beautiful and inspiring Thanksgiving images quotes from our collection-

Thanksgiving Day Facts and Myths  – Although the Thanksgiving Day holds similar meaning to harvest festivals that celebrated in several traditions, the celebration of this glorious occasion is very much popular in countries like the USA and Canada. On this day, people thank god for the bountiful harvest he bestowed throughout the year and also to all those who have extended their solid support in difficult time. In 2018, the harvest festival of Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated on Thursday, 22rd of November. So, have a look at some interesting facts, myths, and trivia about this grateful day.

Interesting Thanksgiving Day Facts

Thanksgiving is the biggest festive occasion of the year which celebrated with the utmost of fun, passion, and happiness in many parts of the world. There are numerous facts associated with the most enjoyable day of Thanksgiving. Here we come up with some less known Thanksgiving Day Facts. Go through it and increase your knowledge about the Thanksgiving festival.

Interesting Facts about Thanksgiving Day

  1. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the USA and in Canada, Thanksgiving Day falls on the second Monday of October month.
  2. Plymouth Pilgrims were the first to celebrate the Thanksgiving
  3. The first Thanksgiving celebration had lasted three days.
  4. In the year 2007, Thanksgiving meals were attended by around 84% of the general population of the US adults.
  5. Estimates establish that 88% of USA people eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day.
  6. The top five ways to serve leftover Thanksgiving turkey are the sandwich, casserole, stir-fry, soup or stew & salad.
  7. Over 94% of Thanksgiving dinners include cranberry sauce.
  8. As per the National Turkey Federation, over 24% of Americans purchase fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving, while 69% purchase frozen turkeys.
  9. In 1817, the New York state officially declared Thanksgiving Day as an annual custom.
  10. Californians are the largest consumers of turkeys in the US.
  11. In 1920, the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving parade began.

Thanksgiving images funny

Spread happiness with these Thanksgiving images funny and laugh out loud along with your friends-

Hope you like these funny Thanksgiving images cartoon. Now download and to your friends and make them laugh too.

Thanksgiving Day Myths

When it comes to the celebration of the auspicious occasional event of Thanksgiving, you first need to explore some exciting myths about this lovely holiday. Given here are a few famous Thanksgiving Day Myths that based on its history, celebrations, and traditional roots. Check them out here!!

  • Myth # 1: Thanksgiving Day dates back to 1621

The annual celebration of Thanksgiving Day was held by pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians in the year 1621. But it wasn’t held until 1863 that Abraham Lincoln appointed the last Thursday in November as a day of Thanksgiving. Congress then approved the holiday date as the fourth Thursday of November, in 1941.

  • Myth # 2: Thanksgiving was a solemn, religious occasion.

It was the three days harvest festive season that included gaming, drinking, gambling and also target shooting with English muskets.

  • Myth # 3: The Pilgrims loved wearing large hats with buckles on them

Pilgrims didn’t wore black clothes, and didn’t wear buckles on their hats or shoes, didn’t wear tall hats too. It was the 19th-century artist who painted them that way did so as they majorly associated with black outfits and buckles with being old-fashioned.

  • Myth # 4: The Pilgrims organize a similar feast every year.

There is no proof that the pilgrims celebrated again in the year 1622. They weren’t in the mood because the harvest had been a little bit disappointing. And they were troubled with other pilgrims who had to be fed as well as housed through winter.

  • Myth # 5: The Pilgrims collected furniture along with them on the Mayflower

The only furniture that was brought by the pilgrims on the Mayflower was chests and boxes. Once they settled in Plymouth, thereafter they constructed wooden furniture.

Thanksgiving images vintage

Have a look at some classic Thanksgiving images vintage cards-

Thanksgiving Day Trivia

Thanksgiving Day is all about feasting, fasting, offering prayers to Almighty and especially family gatherings. To double the fun quotient celebrators organize various Thanksgiving Day Trivia along with their family members, friends, and relatives. You will find a plenty of Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz on various online portals. These Thanksgiving Day Trivia Questions and Answers will not only enhance your knowledge but also allows you to share with everyone who eagerly wants to enjoy the day with full cheer.

Thanksgiving images clip art

The use of clipart during a festival season is increasing day by day. Everybody loves to use cute clip arts to their messages and posts while making the post on social media or sending wishes and greetings.

Check out these cute Thanksgiving images clip art for this Thanksgiving-

Thanksgiving images peanuts

Few Thanksgiving images peanuts are also there for you-

When and why thanks’ giving day is celebrated

Thanksgiving day is observed as the holiday in the United States and it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, this year Thanksgiving day will be celebrated on 27 November. There are so many reasons behind the celebration of Thanksgiving day, some say this day is celebrated to celebrate the harvest and to pray for the upcoming harvest year while some say that on this day group of Native Americans and their supporters protested for a national Day of mourning at Plymouth, Massachusetts on Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving Images for greeting

On this day all public and private institutions remain closed and many offices give four day holiday to their staff so these offices remain close for few days after thanks giving day. On this people travel with their family and friends so due to this the streets of the USA pack with the crowd and due to this congestion takes place.

It is an occasion for family and friends to meet each other and spend some quality time with each other. Feast is prepared for this day and this meal consists of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, vegetables and for the dessert pie is prepared. This is the time for people to thank god for giving us everything we have.

On this day parades are held in cities, many of these parades mark the beginning of Christmas shopping season. People take part in the parade with huge helium balloons and as I said that many offices give four day holiday so people go out for a trip and celebrate these four days with their loved ones.

The festive season of Thanksgiving is a most delightful time of the year when the Americans gather to celebrate this special eve with the utmost of pomp and show. Meanwhile, enjoy the delicious meal and spend some quality time along with their beloved ones and try to celebrate the occasion with full of gusto and happiness. This year, Thanksgiving will be commemorated on November 22 and hence we have come up with a large gathering of happy Thanksgiving prayers 2018, quotes, sayings, images and turkey cartoon pictures here that you can send across your close ones.

Happy Thanksgiving 2018 Wishes

The joyful event of Thanksgiving is marked by the exchange of lavish and beautiful Thanksgiving Wishes with family members, relatives, friends and all the near and dear ones. The magnificent feast of Thanksgiving grandly celebrates the bonds, ties, and relationships between dearest ones and when the holy day of Thanksgiving is around you can share a huge list of lovely and pleasing Happy Thanksgiving 2018 Wishes and greetings to everyone out there and don’t forget to wish a very Happy Thanksgiving 2018 to them! These warm wishes will surely convey your hearty feelings to your special ones.

You årë thë spëcîål përson în my lîfë who hås brought în thë glîmpsë of pëåcë,
lovë ånd håppînëss thåt Î would håvë nëvër ëxpëctëd.

You årë my ångël ånd Î wånt to thånk you from thë bottom of my hëårt on thîs dåy.
Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

On thîs dåy, Î wånt to thånk ëvëry sînglë përson who hås plåyëd å rolë în måkîng më undërstånd lîfë
ånd for åll thë håppînëss thåt thëy håvë bëstowëd upon më !! Happy Thanksgiving!

Måy thë world wîll chångë, you måy bë åwåy from më, but my lovë for you ånd for whåtëvër
håppînëss în my lîfë you håvë brought, wîll nëvër dëprëcîåtë. Happy Thanksgiving!

Î wånt to thånk you for bëîng thë hëro of my lîfë ånd tëåchîng më thë bëttër wåys of lîvîng.

Måy you håvë thë bëst dåy of thë yëår todåy ånd summon lovë from åll your dëår onës.

Î thånk you for thë uncondîtîonål lovë ånd unwåvërîng support; Î thånk you for bëîng you. Happy Thanksgiving my lovë

Thånk thë Lord for thë wondërful lîfë thåt hë hås gîvën us. Wîshîng you å vëry happy Thanksgiving.

Î wîsh you å lovëly holîdåy, thånk you for bëîng my bëst frîënd – Happy Thanksgiving

To spëåk gråtîtudë îs courtëous ånd plëåsånt, to ënåct gråtîtudë îs gënërous ånd noblë, but to lîvë gråtîtudë îs to touch Hëåvën.” Happy Thanksgiving!

Gråcë îsn’t å lîttlë pråyër you chånt bëforë rëcëîvîng å mëål. Råthër, ît’s å wåy to lîvë, Bëîng thånkful to God for ëvërythîng you håvë. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day comës, by ståtutë, oncë å yëår; But, for ån honëst mån, ît comës ås frëquëntly ås Thë hëårt of gråtîtudë ållows. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Quotes & Sayings

The festival of Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful events of expressing the thank God for good harvest and to exhibit gratitude to those who have given immense support and love. This Thanksgiving, share these expressive and inspirational Happy Thanksgiving Quotes with all those great people in your life and let them know why you are thankful to them. Delight your dear ones with these sentimental and meaningful Happy Thanksgiving Sayings too. Just read through the following lines and get inspired by being thankful for every day not just on the particular day of the year.

“Thanksgiving mårks thë bëgînnîng of thë holîdåy sëåson, ånd rëprësënts food, fåmîly ånd momënts of shårîng ånd profëssîng gråtîtudë.”

“Thërë îs no bëttër wåy of ëårnîng morë ånd morë thån bëîng thånkful åbout whåt åll you håvë ånd tryîng to åchîëvë whåtëvër morë you wånt în your lîfë. Thanksgiving Day îs åll åbout såyîng thånks wîth ëvëry sînglë brëåthë.”

“Thanksgiving îs å tîmë to gîvë, å tîmë to lovë, ånd å tîmë to rëflëct on thë thîngs thåt måttër most în lîfë.” ~Dånîëllë Duckëry

Thanksgiving Quotes

 “Å spëcîål grëëtîng of Thanksgiving tîmë to ëxprëss to you our sîncërë åpprëcîåtîon for your confîdëncë ånd loyålty. Wë årë dëëply thånkful ånd ëxtënd to you our bëst wîshës for å håppy ånd hëålthy Thanksgiving Day”

“Åt thîs tîmë of Thanksgiving cëlëbråtîon our thoughts turn gråtëfully to you wîth wårm åpprëcîåtîon”

“Blëssîngs from our homë to yours! Håvë å Wondërful Thanksgiving.”

“Î åm gråtëful ånd håppy thåt you årë my frîënd. Wîth lovë ånd wîshës for å vëry Håppy Thanksgiving!”

Thanksgiving Quotes and Sayings

“Thånkfulnëss crëåtës gråtîtudë whîch, Gënëråtës contëntmënt, Thåt cåusës pëåcë!”

Îf thë only pråyër you såîd în your wholë lîfë wås, “thånk you,” thåt would suffîcë. -Mëîstër Ëckhårt

Thanksgiving Day îs å jëwël, to sët în thë hëårts of honëst mën; but bë cårëful thåt you do not tåkë thë dåy, ånd lëåvë out thë gråtîtudë. -Ë.P. Powëll

Thanksgiving Sayings

The harvest festival of Thanksgiving is around the corner so why not plan to thank the Lord and your loved ones in a distinct way, like with bright and colorful Happy Thanksgiving Images. Sharing some classy and traditional Thanksgiving Images is not only an excellent way of saying thanks but also a unique way as well. Therefore, here in this section below, we have listed out some HD high-definition, original and pretty Happy Thanksgiving 2018 Images, especially for you to download and share with one another on the great fiesta of Thanksgiving 2018.

Happy Thanksgiving Pictures & Wallpaper

Thanksgiving Day is a cheerful event to enjoy, relax and celebrate with family & friends. With the joyful season of Thanksgiving is almost here, it’s time to show off your deep felt appreciation and gratitude towards your lovable people with some of our favorite and eye-catching Happy Thanksgiving Pictures and Happy Thanksgiving Wallpaper that can be easily downloadable from our splendid context right here. These extraordinary collections depict the true spirit and real beauty of the blissful festivity of Thanksgiving. You can even share these attractive assortments on your social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and more.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cartoon Pics

Turkey is the principal symbol of the festivity as it forms the major dish of the Thanksgiving. You can grab these innovative and fabulous Thanksgiving Turkey Cartoon Pics to add to the mood and the true essence of the festive day. Thanksgiving 2018 is here! Send these adorable and sweet Turkey Cartoon Pictures to your friend circle and treasure ones wish a bucket full of happiness and joy on this pleasurable occasion. So, scroll down, pick up a nice one, and send it to someone in order to make his/her Thanksgiving more memorable and intriguing this year.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Day 2018 has come closer. Therefore, it is that of the year again when you can express your hearty regards and thankfulness towards your beloved ones. However, if you are still confused about how to greet them? Then look at our extensive collection of adorable and stunning Thanksgiving Coloring Pages, which are unique and free to download. Using this wonderful collection of Happy Thanksgiving Coloring Pages, you can teach your children about the real significance of this festive day. Scroll down, grab an exciting collection of Thanksgiving Coloring Pages Free Printable, and celebrate this lovely occasion with immense spirit and enthusiasm.

You can also give kids these Happy Thanksgiving worksheets for Kids and this way they will learn the importance of this day.

Thanksgiving day is celebrated not only in America but also in other countries like Canada, Grenada, Liberia, Netherlands, Norfolk Island and thanksgiving day here is celebrated in different ways and manner and the reason behind the celebration of Thanksgiving day also vary according to the country.

So this is how this day is celebrated and I hope now you are aware of the reason behind the celebration of this day and we also hope that would love this post and you will come to us again for more interesting stuff.

We hope these Thanksgiving images and quotes inspire you and your loved ones. Say thanks to them with these images and enjoy this festival. If you have any happy thanksgiving image and picture to share with us then do contact us, we will be happy to include it in our Thanksgiving gallery collection.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers!

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