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Thanksgiving Day is celebrated to give thanks to god and even the materialistic things what we use or directly or indirectly is helped us in one way or the other. Thanksgiving Day is my top celebrated day as this day I get to be with my family and talk about various things about what we actually don’t release is very helpful.

Since I enjoy this day very much one day I decided to make a blog (www.thanksgivingimages.us) on Thanksgiving Day and share my thoughts and content that can be useful for other searching for various thanksgiving related queries.

Along with me sometime my wife help me craft articles. My little one is always coming up with new ideas that are actually helpful many times. Nevertheless, I am always open to new suggestion and modification of articles. So if you are one which can help me in any way you can use suggestion form page to shoot your message and I will get in touch with you.

Thanksgiving to god and having dinner with family is like a tradition in western countries that alone on Thanksgiving more than 46 million are consumed that is a lot of turkey in one day. Therefore, people constantly looking for a Thanksgiving turkey dinner recipe and side dishes. We have cumulated and shared our own grandma turkey recipe I like so much, which you can also check out it here.

Along with having the whole family together at the dinner table, it is must that the senior member or any member from kid to old saying thanksgiving prayer. Therefore, we have collected the best prayer and bible verse you can say at the dinner table.

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