Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas & Recipes 2018- Don’t Miss This

Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas 2018: Try out our easy and cute Thanksgiving dessert recipe. These are easy to make and delicious as a bakery shop. You will not have the bad day for these that we are certain. Read below the Thanksgiving dessert ideas for kids, older than everyone loves.

These cute thanksgiving dessert ideas are made keeping in mind the Thanksgiving theme. So don’t forget to try at least one of the Thanksgiving dessert recipe from here. Tell us in the comment and share your picture with us so that we can put in our Instagram handle.

Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas 2018

Thanksgiving day is a wonderful day to thank god for having attained a position to have good food and good life. On this day Family and friends come together and celebrate the spirit of thankfulness. No thanksgiving can ever be completed without sweet desserts. To meet your friends and families need, here are some ideas to make Thanksgiving desert a total package of taste and looks.

Let your family say, “What looks tasty is actually delicious”.

Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Recipe

Extra Cheesy ball bites 

  • For making this, cook bacon until it is crispy for at least 8 minutes in a large nonstick skillet. Drain a paper towel-lined plate then chop it finely. After doing that, set it aside.
  • Stir together cream cheese, cheddar cheese, paprika, garlic powder and salt and pepper for seasoning. Use the cookie scoop to create the mixture and transfer to a parchment lined baking sheet. Freeze until it is firm for minimum 1 hour.
  • Stir together bacon, pecans, and chives in a bowl.
  • Roll balls in bacon pecan chive mixture inserting a pretzel stick into each roll. Let it come to the room temperature before 15 minutes of serving.

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Bite the sweet potato


  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Slice sweet potatoes into ¼ Toss with maple syrup and melted butter. After that place i in an even layer on a baking sheet. Sprinkle each coin with the help of salt. For 20 minutes, just bake it. Remove the baking sheet from oven and turn on the broiler.
  • With a marshmallow, top each cooked sweet potato. Place it under the broiler and broil it until we obtain a puffed marshmallow and the color of it changes to golden.
  • After obtaining, all you got to do is, remove it from oven and top each marshmallow with the pecan half.

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Pumpkin pudding cake


  • First of all, preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly grease a 9” pie plate or baking dish.
  • Stir together the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, three fourth cups of brown sugar, cloves and salt with a spoon in a large bowl.
  • Pumpkin is then added along with milk, oil, and vanilla. Then it is stirred until the desirably thick batter is obtained. This batter is then spread into the pie plate which you prepared.
  • Stir together cornstarch and 1 cup brown sugar in a small bowl so that no clumps are made. Sprinkle the cake batter over it.
  • Bake that batter for 35 to 40 minutes until the top is completely baked and set. Let it still for 5 to 10 minutes before serving it.

These desserts are favorite to date and are considered to be one of the best desserts for Thanksgiving.

Cute Thanksgiving Desserts

Little cakes of Pumpkin


Pumpkin shaped cakes are really cute to see. People rather think of it as a miniature made up of wax or for the only decorative purpose. Making these mini cakes for Thanksgiving celebration can make your family awe. It can create a magic by riding a gush of joy into the nerves of your family and friends.  This adorable dessert can be the spark of the evening.

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Autumn leaf cookies easy-thanksgiving-dessert-recipe

As autumn is the next season to Thanksgiving, falling leaves are the best example to describe autumn. The idea of autumn can be as good as having cookies all alone without sharing. Cookies indicating colorful leaves can fill your lives with bright colors.

If you serve these cookies, you are surely going to get an extra point for creativity. This cookie can be a show stealer as it is so colorful and self-descriptive.

Oreo burger cute-thanksgiving-dessert-recipe

You have been eating burgers for very long. Till now you are all well versed of its taste and shape. This Thanksgiving celebration, you can break the stereotypes by presenting a burger in the form of a dessert. This is a miniature of burger with a totally different taste.

You would rather feel the sweetness and so does your evening after tasting this. A blend of cream and Oreo biscuit can make your evening go right. Serve it for Thanksgiving and receive plenty of thanks and compliments in return.

You can gift your family these cute and adorable desserts after the main course. These are mini desserts which are no doubts amazingly delicious.

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Thanksgiving Desserts For Kids

Kids are the most excited lot amongst all for any function or celebration. They are so naive that they can find happiness in a small thing even in cookies.

For a parent, there is nothing more precious than to see that carefree smile on their child’s face. For maintaining that smile, all you got to do is, bring out special or create something special for your child that could surprise your child and bring him or her closer to you.

Here are some ideas for you. Actually here are some creative ways to present regular dessert look like an innovation and can make your child feel a little special.

Turkey Bites


A regular pretzel snack can be so cute and special too. Take a pretzel snack and apply some chocolate cream on it creating a bulb-like structure. Place three corn candy nearby that bulb made up of chocolate cream.

Use vanilla cream to make eyes like structure on that bulb and insert one corn candy inside that bulb giving it a shape of the beak. Finally, your turkey bites are ready in no time.

Hat cookies


These cookies can act as good starters. The frosting is just powdered sugar in a baggie. Just add enough milk to make a thick frosting. After that add yellow food coloring gel and mush it up. Add frosting the top of a cup and smoosh it onto a cookie.

This will help to attain a frosting rim. Lastly, add a drop of frosting to the front and add Reese’s piece to the front for the buckle. It is ready to get served.

Adore acorn thanksgiving-dessert-cookie

These are super cute dessert. Anyone would catch a sight of it. This dessert hardly takes more than 5 minutes. All you got to do is, melt one-eighth cup of mini chips in a microwave to use it as glue.

For making acorn stem, dip mini chips in melted chocolate and attach to nutter butter bites. Use peanut butter cookie filling to glue nutter butter bite onto Hersey kisses. Wait for it to get harder and after getting hard, it is ready to serve.

Hope you liked our happy thanksgiving dessert ideas and recipe to try at home. If you have any query then you can ask us in the comment section and we will reply ASAP.

If you have your own cute and easy Thanksgiving dessert 2018 then do share with us so that we can include it here.

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