30+ Thanksgiving Activities Ideas for Preschooler, Toddlers, Kids, Adult, Family

Thanksgiving Activities: Thanksgiving has celebrated the holiday and a get together for families, relatives & friends. So it much of a party environment and adding thanksgiving activities bring much more fun to Thanksgiving. From small family to big party, our Thanksgiving activities cover all. Check out Thanksgiving activities Pre k thanksgiving activities, Preschool Thanksgiving activities for toddlers, kids, adults. If you want that kids learn by doing a fun activity then we also have thanksgiving math activity worksheet at last of this article.

Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving is one of the beautiful festivals as it about expressing your gratitude to God and to your loved one. Being grateful for everything either good or bad is really a big thing and Thanksgiving gives you the chance to be grateful. During this fall season, various activities are performed. Apart from a grand family feast, sharing gifts and expressing gratitude there are several other activities that make you feel great and can make your Thanksgiving holiday more special.

A Thanksgiving activity is something that engages you and your family in some fun task during the holiday season and it also develops your various skills. It is important to practice various fun activities with families as it makes your bond with your family strong and also your holidays memorable.

Here, we will provide various Thanksgiving activities ideas and resources for the people of all age groups from Toddlers to adults.

So let’s get started….

Pre k thanksgiving activities

Pre k Kids are too small therefore they need some light and easy Thanksgiving activities. Here are some easy Pre k Thanksgiving activities for your cutie pies-

  • Fist print ActivityThanksgiving Activities

Tutorial – https://thriftyjinxy.com/easy-fist-bump-kins-pumpkin-craft-create-a-memory/

  • Pie pan art


Take a disposable pie pan and cut circles from a paper the same size as the pan. Put some marbles in the tempera paint. Now have the kids place the marble in the pan and roll it around on the paper pan pie to color it.

  • Turkey Play Dough Mat

Tutorial- https://www.prekinders.com/turkey-playdough-mats/

Preschool Thanksgiving activities

Have a look at some of the Thanksgiving preschool activities-

  • Pine Cone Turkey

Preschool Thanksgiving activities


Pinecone for each child, scissors, glue, colored paper, a small amount of clay, googly eyes


Place the pinecone over the clay and press it. Clay will act as a stand for pinecone Turkey. Let the children cut the feathers for turkey from the Color paper and glue them all over the turkey. Also, cut the face and paste the googly eyes and beak to the Pinecone.

  • Feather Painting

Preschool Thanksgiving activities 2

Take some feathers and colors. Have your kids dip the feathers into the paint and make designs on a piece of paper.

  • Ocean Punch (cooking activity)

Thanksgiving activities cooking

Apart from art and craft activities, you can practice some cooking activities with them.

Ingredients- Orange-pineapple juice, Thawed frozen limeade concentrate, frozen peaches and strawberries, lemon-lime soda, some bananas, and oranges.

Help the children in slicing and peeling the fruits and have to place in punch bowl and add juices and soda.

These Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers are really fun and perfect for Preschoolers. Hope you like it.

Thanksgiving activities for toddlers

After preschoolers thanksgiving activities let’s a have look to some Thanksgiving activities for toddlers-

  • Feather HuntThanksgiving activities for preschoolers

What you have to do is take lots of feathers and hide them around the house. Give some interesting clues to toddlers. Let your toddles explore the feathers.

  • Corn CraftThanksgiving activities for toddlers

Tutorial- http://www.toddlerapproved.com/2015/11/textured-corn-craft-for-kids.html

  • Teach your Toddler to be ThankfulThanksgiving activities for toddlers 2

Tutorial- http://busytoddler.com/2016/11/teaching-toddlers-to-be-thankful/

  • Nature note cardseasy Thanksgiving activities for toddlers

Supplies- Fallen leaves, newspaper, card paper/simple paper, paints, paintbrush,


Place all the fallen leaves on the old newspaper. Let your kids paint one side of the leaves with the help of a paint brush. Ask your little one to press the painted leaf on the top of the card so that a beautiful leaf imprint is created. Do it with all the cards and let dry. You can use these cards as a thank you card or place card.

  • Turkey Craftquick and easy Thanksgiving activities for toddlers

Tutorial- https://myboredtoddler.com/thanksgiving-craft-for-toddlers-turkey/

Thanksgiving activities for kindergarten

  • Pilgrim Hat cookie (cooking)Thanksgiving activities for kindergarten 2

Tutorial- https://www.education.com/activity/article/pilgrim-hat-cookies/

  • Feather letter TurkeyThanksgiving activities for kindergarten 2

Tutorial- https://growingbookbybook.com/name-activities-feather-letter-turkey/

  • Turkey napkin ringeasy Thanksgiving activities for kindergarten

Tutorial- https://www.raegunramblings.com/2013/11/turkey-napkin-rings-and-turkey-hair-clips-tutorial.html

  • Finger puppetsquick Thanksgiving activities for kindergarten

Tutorial- http://thealisonshow.com/2014/11/16/fun-kids-thanksgiving-table-ideas/?cn-reloaded=1

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Thanksgiving activities for kids

Here are some of the fascinating Thanksgiving activities for kids

  • Paper pumpkin craftThanksgiving activities for kids


  • Thanksgiving countdown chainThanksgiving activities for kids 2

Tutorial- https://www.survivingateacherssalary.com/thanksgiving-countdown-chain-craft-for-kids/

  • Turkey Handprint crafteasy Thanksgiving activities for kids


  • Leaf Printsquick Thanksgiving activities for kids

Tutorial- http://littlepageturners.blogspot.com/2011/11/colorful-leaf-printing.html

Thanksgiving activities for adults

Apart from kids, there are also a lot of Thanksgiving activities for adults. Some of them are as follows-

  • Thanksgiving Scavenger HuntThanksgiving activities for adults

Give the normal scavenger hunt a twist and use things related to the Thanksgiving like turkey pictures, pumpkins etc.

  • Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt

Play this traditional game at your house with your guest and friends. You also make some variation to it as per your choice.

  • Word Building

Give your guests a long word and ask them to write all the words they can build from that particular word.

Apart from this adults can play guess who, picture puzzle, card, charades games etc. Adults can also do some crafting activity with the kids of the family.

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Thanksgiving activities for families

As Thanksgiving is celebrated with family, you should practice some activities to make your guest and family happy. Here, we have shared some Thanksgiving activities for families that you can enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday-

  • Musical ChairThanksgiving activities for families
  • Conversation Starter Game around the dining tableThanksgiving activities for families 2

Prepare a list of different questions and let the conversation go on the your dining table.

  • Take a Hike or walk with your familyThanksgiving activities for family

Play some Thanksgiving music and start the moving around the chairs.

  • A popcorn relay raceeasy Thanksgiving activities

So these were some of the Thanksgiving activities for all the age groups. You can also add some learning activities like poems, rhyming activities, Thanksgiving math activities etc to make sure that your child does not forget any topic he/she has learned in the school. Apart from this, you can also engage them in the kitchen. Ask them to help you serve food to the guest and greet them.

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Thanksgiving activity sheets

Here, some of the Thanksgiving activity sheets that you can download and print for your kids.

  • Join the dots

Thanksgiving math activities

  • Turkey Poem

  • Coloring sheets

Thanksgiving activity coloring sheets

  • Thanksgiving craft printable

Thanksgiving Activity 2018

Do try these awesome activities with your family this Thanksgiving and make it special for all.

Create memories with the fun and awesome Thanksgiving Activities.


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