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Thanksgiving Cards: Cards are actually emotions that we share with another. By emotions, one means to pour your heart out in that very card. Giving the card to each other is a gesture to make one happy and it is a symbol of thankfulness. For every occasion, there is a card that needs to be sent to your near and dear ones.

For the occasion like Thanksgiving Day, you can you thank god already, so this time, do something different. You can make your relatives happy by sending them a token of thankfulness, that is, of course, the card. Cards can be found readymade. You can give your relatives a customized card too.

Thanksgiving Name Cards

Name cards are basically meant for formal use. You can even customize your name card according to the events. You can make it all by yourself. Name cards can work as an invitation.

  • Tree note 

Thanksgiving name Card

This is the easiest name card of all. For this, all you need is a white sheet, a little stick or twig, and some pine leaves. All you have to do is to make two holes on the upper part the sheet and pass that twig from it. Stick leaves onto the twig. Your decoration of the name card is done. Now write the names on the sheet. This is really a simple and cute idea to make a name card.

  • Glitter your name
Thanksgiving name Cards
Thanksgiving name Cards

These name cards are so very simple and going to glitter your name. For making this, you need a burlap, cardstock, white sharpie, glue, paintbrush white sharpie and lots of glitters.

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To make it, glitter your clothespin. Glitter only the front side of it. Let it dry. Cut the card stock in the shape of maple leaves. Using the white sharpie, add each person’s name to the side of the leaf and burlap together. You are ready with your glittery name card.

  • Turkey on the name


 This name card is super cute. For making this, you need scissors, pen, patterned papers scrap cardstock and double-sided tape. You will be needing a strip paper measuring 2 ½  * 12. Mark every ½ inch and accordingly fold it. Once done with folding, ink all the edges and peaks.

Cut a piece of scrap cardstock of desirable size. With double-sided tape, stick one side to the scrap cardstock. Put a small piece of double-sided tape on inside and fold above where you put the scrap cardstock. To hold it in its place, put your circle in the center and this could be done with hot glue or double-sided tape.

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For making turkey’s body, take a brown sheet and its beak and feet made up of different sheets. You can take a paper piercer to make two holes for eyes and put brads on it. With this, your turkey is ready to accompany its rest of the body.

Thanksgiving E-Cards

This era is all digitalized. Everyone is using electronic mails and social media. It is too easy to have a word with anyone with a single click of a mouse. To continue the trend of sending Thanksgiving card, you can also use the means of electronic media to send electronic cards.

They are available for free on social media. You can download and send it. For some of the cards, you have to pay. This is the best way to send your greeting to your near and dear ones who live far far away from you.

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Thanksgiving Card Ideas

Sending cards is really a good gesture and certainly be memorable. Sending cards can make your bond with your near and dear ones stronger as by sending cards, you are making them feel special and wanted. You can even make cards for them. This would make them happier than before. Here are some ideas to make cards all by you.

  • Leaves falling from the card

Thanksgiving Card Ideas

For making this card, you only need some colored papers and paint chip cards. Different color sheets are needed so that you can show colorful leaves. You are able to get a ton of colored leaves.

Keep those leaves aside for a while. Use extra fine tip sharpie, and create a doodled tree on white cardstock. You can even copy it if you are not that great at doddle. Add the leaves on the card randomly. This gives an effect as if leaves are blowing in the wind. With this, you are done with your this greeting card.

  • Peek a boo turkey


For making a card through which turkey comes out popping, you can surely go for this card. Start your card by folding the letter sized cardstock in half. Use green cardstock as it is good for background. From the construction papers, cut long rectangular strips.

Every paper should be of 2 inches difference. Start making equal sized folds in an accordion style along the long edge. Make sure the folds line up correctly when placed on top of each other. Line them up by their width.

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To make turkey’s body, cut a 5-inch square out of brown paper. Fold in half and trace a design. Cut a small orange beak and a red wattle. Stick on the white circle sticker and add an eye using markers. Stick on the eyes, a beak and a wattle to the turkey’s body. Fold a small triangle at the bottom f turkey’s body.

Line the turkey’s body along the center of the card. Stick on one side and fold the card to stick another end. Stick the accordion fold paper strips behind the turkey body according to the size. Add some pumpkins and greetings. With this, your turkey peeks a boo is ready.

Thanksgiving Cards 2018


2018 has been a great year for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day of 2018 was a blast. It has been celebrated with great pomp and show. The best thing about 2018 Thanksgiving was its cards. Here are some of 2018’s most loved cards.


This card was an amazing piece of art. The real artistic features are embedded in it. Simple things are making this card look so pretty and full of art.  Apart from that, the receiver would surely like it as it is all handcrafted keeping in mind the little details and series. It is surely a masterpiece and loved by everyone.

This card contains craft but in an appropriate amount. Colorful papers are used. Calligraphy for the state is used. Sheets of different textures and colors are used. This card is of a broader width. Cutouts of different colors are of maple leaves. Those cutouts are then placed on the edges. It is so adorable card which preferably liked by everyone.

This card is super cute. A handmade sheet of fall colors is used. A white sheet is then placed above it. That white sheet has cutouts of leaves. When placed above handmade sheet, that colored handmade sheet peeks out and gives an effect of three dimensional. Glitter pen of golden color is used to write the wish. With a rope, it is tied above. This is the simplest and the cutest card of 2018.


Printable Thanksgiving Cards

Free Printable Clip Art Borders Free Thanksgiving Powerpoint – PNG photo images free clipart download

Young Pilgrim standing on Pumpkin looking at Turkey

In this world of the hectic schedule, it is always not possible to make time for creating cards. It is always a good thing that we are advancing day by day. An effective time-saving method has been introduced to make your work easy and manage time too.

As custom expects each one of you to send greetings to your near and dear ones, friends, and family, the schedule hinders you to do so. You can always go for printables in that case.

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