Thanksgiving Games Online for Kids Adult and Party and NFT/Football

Thanksgiving Games 2018: Thanksgiving Day is basically a get together of the family to give thanks to god for the life and things are given to us. Food, talks, and laughs are shared together with each of the members of the family. Holidays are a really special time for family.

People of the same age can have a chat together, but when it comes to kids, you can’t have those productive conversations with them. Kids tend to remain aloof or forbidden then. Instead of making them neglected, you can really come up with an idea of playing games so that kids too can get indulged and be a part of the celebration.

Dalla Cowboys Thanksgiving Game

Dalla cowboy is a professional team in an American football game. According to Forbes, this team became the first sports team to be valued at $4 Billion in 2015, which made this team to be the most valuable sports team in the world.

This team started playing in 1966 on Thanksgiving Day. The records prove that Dalla cowboy team successfully wins during the holiday season or on the Thanksgiving Day.

GameStop Thanksgiving Hours

An American store containing enormous of video games is called to be a GameStop. During Thanksgiving, GameStop offers various opportunities to save through before black Friday.  A sale of games is done.

This year GameStop stores will be opened on Thanksgiving Day too unlike last year of Thanksgiving Days when these shops used to be closed.

The Thanksgiving hours has not been finalized yet but it must be most likely to be shorter than usual hours. GameStop remained closed on Thanksgiving in years 2015 and 2016. This year it would be opened.

Also check out the Thanksgiving day activities you can perform on the holiday with family and kids.

NFL Thanksgiving Games

In the United States, the National Football league (NFL) is traditional series of games played on Thanksgiving Day. National Football League is played every Thanksgiving that too three times. Since 2006, a third National Football League is played at night.

The football in Thanksgiving tradition has become slightly established in Detroit. The Thanksgiving Day game has been played with no interruption after the six-year season gap from 1839 to 1944.

Winners of National Football League according to the years are

NFL Thanksgiving Games 2015

NFL Thanksgiving Games 2016

NFL Thanksgiving Games 2017

Online Thanksgiving Games

Online Thanksgiving games are the best means to enjoy the festival of Thanksgiving. Online games provide great opportunities to challenge the mind to develop skills and grab more about American holiday tradition.

Thanksgiving games are not limited only to one group of people. It is meant for every age group. Different games are available for the different set of people.

For kids, kind of games online consists

  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Match games
  • Action games
  • Puzzles and match games
  • Acarde games
  • Thinking games

Try our happy Thanksgiving worksheet activities to bring the interest of your kids in thanksgiving day and tell the meaning of this day with fun games and activities with learning.

Thanksgiving Family Games

Thanksgiving Party Games

Party games have to be entertaining else nobody would play. At parties like get together and many more, all age group, people are present.

Three generations are sure to mark their presence in the celebration of Thanksgiving. Games to be played in this party must be introduced keeping in mind the comfort of all the groups. Some games idea is given here.

The goblet gobble

To play this game, all you need to buy is glass or plastic goblet and place one member of the team on the table on a far side of the room. Place orange ping pong balls on the other side of the room.

After taking positions, players must transfer three ping pong balls from the table to their goblet placed on the other side of the room. And this transferring of balls must b done keeping the ball between their chin and neck. No hands would be allowed.

Let the feather float

To play this game, each player has to be given a feather that they must keep on blowing. As long as feather up in the air, you are there in the game. As the feather touches the ground, you are out of it. The one, who would be keeping feather floating in the air for the longest time, will be declared as the winner.

Thanksgiving Trivia Games

Based on a question-answer kind of rounds, trivia games are made. These games are built to check one’s knowledge and presence of mind. If you play a trivia game in thanksgiving, it would surely make you more aware of facts. It will spark your interest in the New England origin of Thanksgiving and will remind you what makes you thank each November.

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