Thanksgiving Meme 2018 Images Funny Photos and Clap Back Jokes

Thanksgiving Meme 2018 Images Funny Photos: Thanksgiving brings your family together and gives you a chance to celebrate this lovely occasion. Thanksgiving is few days away and you must be all set to welcome the festivity vibes. We said it beautiful because it is the time when you are with your family and celebrate the good time with your loved ones.

When the word “Thanksgiving” strikes our mind it makes us think of turkey, family gathering, big feast, and prayers. Today all the festivals are celebrated on the internet especially on social media and so is with Thanksgiving.

Everybody is aware of the fact that Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc are widely used social media platforms. The one thing that is common among these platforms and connects people together is “memes”.

Today you can find a meme on each and everything that exists on this earth. So, how Thanksgiving can escape from this trending thing.  Thanksgiving memes connect you with your family and friends and allow you to celebrate this family festival with laughs and giggles.

Thanksgiving Funny Memes Collection

Thanksgiving memes help to bring the much-needed laughs at your family gatherings and the fun gets doubles when they are too relatable and funnier than anything else.

We have shared a collection of Thanksgiving memes that will make your day. We have also shared some of the best Thanksgiving memes 2017 and thanksgiving memes 2016.

You will find these memes relatable as they include the small funny and annoying elements and occurrences of this Thanksgiving festival like Thanksgiving feast, family, annoying cousins, uncles, aunts, Food, thanksgiving turkey, those political and religious talks while dinner and many more things.

It is good to celebrate the good times and festive vibes of this festival with some awesome Thanksgiving memes.

Happy Thanksgiving Memes

Wish you buddies and loved one Happy Thanksgiving with an added punch of Thanksgiving memes.

Let’s have a look at some rib-tickling Happy Thanksgiving memes-

Happy Thanksgiving memes
Happy Thanksgiving memes

Thanksgiving_memes Happy Thanksgiving day memes Happy Thanksgiving 2018 memes

Thanksgiving memes 2016 and Thanksgiving memes 2017

Thanksgiving memes of 2016 and 2017 are history today but there are still some Thanksgiving memes that never get old and keep entertaining you.

Have a look at some of the best Thanksgiving memes 2017

Happy Thanksgiving meme fuuny funny-thanksgiving-meme funny-thanksgiving-meme-2018

Here are also some memorable Thanksgiving memes 2016

Thanksgiving memes funny

Have a look at the gallery of extremely Funny Thanksgiving memes. Share and make your friends and family laugh.

Get Short & Long Thanksgiving Prayer Points


elle-thanskgiving-meme cat-thanskgiving-meme thanskgiving-turkey-memes american-thanskgiving-meme

Thanksgiving with black families memes

Thanksgiving with black family memes was used as a hashtag and became trending on Twitter and other social networking sites. People share their funny thanksgiving experiences using this hashtag and make the world laugh.

Now the internet is flooded with a number of memes on funny black families thanksgiving experiences which most of you can relate. So, we have prepared a collection of most savage Thanksgiving with black families memes for you.

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Have a look and laugh out loud-

Thanksgiving with black family memes Thanksgiving_with_black-family_memes Thanksgiving with black families memes Thanksgiving meme black family memes black-families-thanksgiving-meme thanksgivingwithblackfamilies

Thanksgiving clap back memes

Though Thanksgiving brings lots of food and fun sometimes it also brings a headache in the form of those annoying uncles, aunts, cousins and another relative who joins you in Thanksgiving feast. So, to reduce that stress you need to freshen up your mind and memes are the best thing to do that.

To escape that kind of situation we have some mind-blowing Thanksgiving clap back memes for you. You will definitely find these relatable and interesting.

Pass on to your family and we are sure that after that they will never dare to ask you those annoying questions.

Thanksgiving clapback memes Thanksgiving clapback meme

funny Thanksgiving clapback memes
funny Thanksgiving clapback memes

funny Thanksgiving clapback
funny Thanksgiving clapback

Thanksgiving clapback memes2
Thanksgiving clapback memes2
Thanksgiving clapback memes23
Thanksgiving clapback memes23


Memes in today’s world are in trend. It is the most creative and satirical form to express your humor. Memes are what the new generation look forward to. Instead of having friends in their Instagram and Facebook accounts, pages of meme have been followed in a large amount. From this, you get to see, how trending these memes are. For every occasion, memes are made. Let it be Halloween, Christmas or even Thanksgiving Day.

2016 has been a great year as it uplifted the trend of memes. This year, sarcasm of people came into the form of memes which really made occasions so laugh-worthy.

This meme was really hilarious and was so trending. A song by Miley Cyrus named “wrecking ball” was taken as a base. Here, a turkey sings, “I came in like a Butterball”. Turkey can be made into a butterball turkey in dinner of thanksgiving. This was really innovative in to denote that finally Thanksgiving Day has arrived and turkey is to be made into a butterball.
 This meme was a message to the public though. Everyone likes to click photographs of their food and post it in the social media. In thanksgiving, many people turn into a food blogger.

Sometimes, it is hard to find whether we are scrolling a social platform or a menu card. So a message is given to people saying, “We are all eating the same thing” that is a turkey. Common sense was portrayed in this meme which makes it more hilarious.

Thanksgiving meme did not spare even the relatives. As a ritual, relatives come to your home so as to have a quality time and a good dinner. In this meme, we see that relative come before their given time so that they can have a true essence of Thanksgiving.

Apart from that, they don’t want to miss even a single second for dinner to start. This meme was also trending in 2016 and has been shared by a good number of people.

Cartoon Funny Thanksgiving Meme 2018

Funny memes are really liked by people as they are hilarious. Memes do not say things directly; instead, it forces you to have a broad mind and thing stuffs on your own.

It does not aim at offending people instead make your day with a smile. Here are some memes which are funny and can be sent to your relatives and near and dear ones on the occasion of thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a day in which you eat excessively and your health consciousness somehow gets into your subconscious mind and you fully forget about that. This meme is so relatable after Thanksgiving Day’s situation.

After having a good amount of food, you feel like a balloon which can blast anytime. This cat is denoting you which is about to blast because of its big fat stomach. You feel the same.

Thanksgiving really challenges your capacity to eat. You eat as much as you can and sometimes it is hard to even put a small toffee inside your belly. This meme can really make you feel nostalgic about your Thanksgiving Day when you are full of food inside your stomach but you want to eat dessert.

It is really amazing how your belly is all filled, but when it comes to dessert, your stomach itself makes space for dessert to come. This meme displays the same.


When you think about Thanksgiving, nothing else other than food strikes in your head. Turkey, pie, cupcakes and many more items automatically attach their names when you talk about Thanksgiving Day.

This meme justifies your thought of Thanksgiving Day. A lady in this very meme is sailing into the thought of food. This is what you exactly do. Thus, this meme is so relatable and can be sent to your friends.

2017 was the year of memes. People used to bring out their life’s condition through the means of memes. Thanksgiving Day instead of being so realistic and despite actually wishing relatives, people were posting memes in relation with Thanksgiving Day with a pure form of fun. Here are some of the memes, which made 2017 Thanksgiving Day, a memorable one.



This meme contains a pun inside it. To chill a turkey in the recipe means to freeze it inside the refrigerator. In this meme, turkey took it all the way another.

This turkey in the meme is sipping drinks and watching TV. Watching TV is a kind of chilling and relaxing from a hectic life. That is what a turkey is doing.

There is nothing that is done against the recipe. The recipe says, “Let the turkey chill for a few hours”. Turkey is living out that moment in chilling hard.

As we all know, Thanksgiving Day falls after Halloween. In Halloween, pumpkins are cut. In this meme, a pumpkin is addressing a turkey and saying that next to cut in series in Turkey.

Pumpkin forces Turkey to laugh as very fewer days are left. Pumpkin advises Turkey to laugh in whatever numbers of days are left for turkey being alive. This is a really cute and funny meme and is sent by many people.

Nothing, other than Turkey is made in the Thanksgiving Day, as Turkey is the main course dish of this day. This meme is so funny. A Turkey is disguising itself to become a flamingo because, according to tradition, Turkey is only been made. Turkey says that if they become flamingos, nobody would kill them. One turkey is leveling up to become a flamingo.

Black family memes were very trending and still are. Racism though has been abolished but somehow, still prevailing in the society. Memes are being made on the black family to put some comic elements in the memes.

Clap back means to make a comeback. Thanksgiving clap back is actually a hashtag under which Thanksgiving memes are posted. In this clap back meme, one fire back a counter that is so much effective.

These memes at times can be more offensive, so if sent to relatives, must confirm first that your relative doesn’t get offended instead laugh along with you.

Some of the memes contain some very personal comments, which can really put you in trouble. So before sending these memes, must think about the sender’s attitude.

Download and share these kickass Thanksgiving meme and enjoy this festival. We are sure they will definitely say Thanks to you for these amazing Thanksgiving meme.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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