Thanksgiving Nail Designs and Art Work Ideas 2018

Thanksgiving Nail Designs 2018: With the holiday approaching near, you must be preparing for the Thanksgiving, invitation list, looking for new turkey dinner recipe and thanksgiving costume. The main part of Thanksgiving costumes is your nail design.

So we have dedicated this article on happy thanksgiving nail designs ideas which you can try at home. With our simple nail art ideas and how to make them DIY at home you no need to visit the parlor. From small kids nail artwork design to women looking for thanksgiving nail design, we have listed out best thanksgiving nail art ideas.

The fourth Thursday of November in the United States is celebrated as “Thanksgiving day”. It is a public holiday in the calendar of United States, Canada, Liberia, Netherland and many of the European countries. It is also known as a harvest festival. It is celebrated in the form of a little get together where the entire family and friends come together and thanks for whatever they have till date.

For this day, ladies of the families are so very excited as they are the ones who usually are going to make food for the other members. To show their happiness, they beautifully design their nails in the theme of the harvest season.

Thanksgiving Nail Art 2018

It is a form of expression which has been in trend over the last few years. It provides young ladies and girls with an opportunity of dressing their nails so as to add more spark to their personality. Here are some ideas to art your nail during Thanksgiving.

Fall Season thanksgiving Nail designsthanksgiving Nail design

Nail polish and shiner makes your nails look incredible. With this, if you add some creativity, it would look way too attractive.

As your theme is Thanksgiving Day, after which autumn makes it own way. You can show the arrival of autumn through your nail art. The fall based nail design references how nature and earth becomes one during the autumn season.

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Maroon, yellow and orange nail colors are needed for the base. After having dried up the base, you can go for designing the nail. This you can do by making maple leaves on it. The maple leaf is a symbol of autumn. Color it with green, brown and golden color which usually a maple leaf has. Wait for it to get dried. After drying, apply shiner to it for creating a shiny effect.

Thanksgiving Nail Art Pump Pumpkinthanksgiving Nail art

When it comes to Thanksgiving, what is better than a pumpkin. Making pumpkin is a great idea for Thanksgiving. For this, you need to apply the base coat of nude color. Let it dry. With the help of orange color, make structures like a pumpkin. Color it well. With brown nail color, make its upper stick. Let it dry. Lastly, after having dried up nail art, apply a coat of nail shiner. With a neutral base, the structure of pumpkin looks as if it is pumping out.

Platonic Pilgrims – Nail art designhappy thanksgiving Nail design

Traditionally, the pilgrims are considered as the bearers of good news and fortune. For nail art, you can paint the faces of the nurse (the healer), the Chief (commander) and a tribal in your nail one by one. This nail art is funky and cute at the same time. You can make it in any way you want. These characters when a woman use, she embodies the true spirit of thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Nail Design Trouble Turkey

thanksgiving turkey Nail design

Turkey is an essential part of Thanksgiving celebration. No Thanksgiving is complete without the presence of succulent turkey. It is the center of attraction on the table with other delicacies. Turkey can make an impression when cooked deliciously. Then surely it can make a way through women’s nail too. For make turkey on your fingernail, you need to basecoat your nail with brown nail colour. After drying, design your turkey inspired nail art with yellow, orange and brown nail colours. These are earthy shades and tones.

Cherished Cherry Pie – Thanksgiving Nail designs

easy thanksgiving Nail design

Cherry pie is a classic holiday seller. Everyone saves a room for cherry pie in thanksgiving as they are so simple and tasty. You can always have them at last as a dessert to maintain the taste of it which lasts long. Ladies can also have n essence of cherry pies in their hand (actually on their nails). A maroon and cream nail colours are required for the same. Use the maroon colour as the base colour. Let it dry. Use cream nail colour to make gradient structures just like cherry pies have. After drying up, apply shiner.

Nail Art Crazy Candy Corn Design

quick thanksgiving Nail design

Candy corn is a candy popularly found in the United States and Canada. The three colours in candy corn when put together indicates the whole candy corn. It is basically a symbol of happiness in thanksgiving.

You can easily coat this symbol in your nails and let yourself the spark of the evening with your different and symbolic reference for Thanksgiving.

This symbol is easiest to be made as a nail art. No design nothing. All you need are three shades of nail colours and a shiner for the end. First of all, base coat your nails with yellow nail color. Let it dry for a while. Apply orange nail colour not immediately above yellow coat.

Drag it a little below yellow so that some part of yellow is also visible. Do the same for the white nail color. After drying it well apply shiner.

These are the ideas of Thanksgiving Nail Designs. Symbolise your art with symbols and enjoy your Thanksgiving by actually saying thanks to the compliment you receive after showcasing your creativity.

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