Thanksgiving Prayer Catholic Gratitude for Kids and Families

Thanksgiving Prayer Catholic: Thanksgiving is few days away and people are anxiously waiting for this festival of giving thanks for bountiful harvest and blessings. It is a national holiday in the United States and Canada, however, it is celebrated in different months in both countries with great pomp and enthusiasm.

Today people have a mindset that Thanksgiving is a just festival of family gathering, having dinner together, eating turkey, mashed potatoes, pies, drinking wine and having fun. But in reality, Thanksgiving is more than that just having a giant turkey dinner. The main motto of this festival is to celebrate the things we have got in life and most importantly expressing gratitude to the supreme power that has blessed us with all the things we have today.

Thanksgiving is a not a religious festival and everyone celebrates it with the full faith and in their own way. Like other religions in the world, Catholic also has a tradition of offering prayers to praise the God. On Thanksgiving, various prayers are offered at family gatherings, churches, social gatherings, dinner tables and various places where people gather to celebrate this auspicious occasion of the year.

Thanksgiving Prayer Catholic 2019

Bible has number of reasons to give thanks to God.  Thanksgiving reminds people that how much do they have and also changes their perspective towards things. Thanksgiving prayers teach that everyone should have a thankful heart and give thanks in any circumstances either they like it or not.

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Prayers make people realize that they could not have even existed without the grace and blessings of the almighty God. Catholic have a belief that they must take a moment to thank and praise God in order to keep the life in pace.

Keeping the words of the Bible in mind this Thanksgiving says thanks to the God before starting the Thanksgiving celebrated. Do not keep it limited to partying and feasts but also take some time from the celebration for God.

You can take the help from this post as here we have shared a number of Thanksgiving Catholic prayers for you.

  • O Lord our God…….

O Lord Our God Poem

  • O God, When I have Food….

When I Have Food Thanksgiving Prayer

  • Loving and Gracious God……

Loving and Gracious God

  • Another Good year

Another Good year

  • Make a joyful noise unto the Lord….

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord

Thanksgiving Prayer Catholic Images

You can download and print these prayer images for the coming Thanksgiving. Just place it any space of the house where you gather with your family for Thanksgiving.

Have a look at these images of thanksgiving prayers that are ready to make your Thanksgiving special.

  • Lord God on this day of Thanksgiving

Lord God on this day of Thanksgiving

  • This Thanksgiving, Let Those of us….

Happy Thanksgiving Prayer

  • I am Thankful Lord- so thankful

I am Thankful Lord Poem

  • O Lord, Great Spirit…..

O Lord Great Spirit Thanksgiving Poem
O Lord Great Spirit Thanksgiving Poem
  • Dear Father, We Humbly Come Before You….

Dear Father We Humbly Come Before You
Dear Father We Humbly Come Before You
  • Father in Heaven, creator of all and source of all goodness and love…..

Father in Heaven Creator of All and Source of All Goodness and Love

Thanksgiving Catholic Prayer for Dinner

On the occasion of Thanksgiving people bow their heads in prayer before the Thanksgiving meal.  Though there are people who always prayer and give thanks to god before starting their meal. But Thanksgiving is the occasion which is special and all the people give thanks to God along with their family on Thanksgiving dinner table through prayers.

There are various Thanksgiving catholic for dinner. Here we have shared images of few which you can use on Thanksgiving to praise God and express gratitude towards the Almighty.

Here you go…..


  • Lord, Thank You for Walking….

Lord Thank You for Walking

  • How full is this world of your……

How Full is This World of Your

  • Prayer Blessing for food…

Prayer Blessing for Food

  • Thank you for all the gifts…….

Thank you for all the gifts Poem

  • Lord Jesus, as we eat, help us to remember…….

Lord Jesus as We Eat Help us To Remember

  • O Lord, we thank you for the gifts…..

O Lord We Thank You for The Gifts

  • Father, thank you for nourishment….

Father Thank You for Nourishment

  • O Lord, this food we are….

Bless O Lord This Food We Are

Thanksgiving catholic prayer service

Catholic people pray in different ways. Thanksgiving prayer service satisfy the spiritual longing of the people in many ways. Majority of Catholic believes that thanksgiving prayer is important and everybody should offer this prayer to God.

Thanksgiving catholic prayer service encourages all the people who are there in the congregation to have a heart full of genuine thankfulness not just for thanksgiving but also for the entire year. Thanksgiving catholic prayers bring people closer to each other and teach them to give a meaningful and true thanksgiving to God.

This Thanksgiving, feel grateful and offer some Thanksgiving catholic prayer services to the Lord. Here we have shared pdf of few of the best thanksgiving catholic prayer service for you-

Birthday Thanksgiving Prayer Catholic

God has blessed everyone with the beautiful gift of life and therefore all humans should be thankful to God. Catholic prayers are one of the best tools to praise the grace of the god and giving thanks to him.

Take a tour to the given Birthday Thanksgiving prayer catholic and celebrate the special day with a grateful heart.


  • Prayer Before a Birthday Meal

Prayer Before a Birthday Meal

  • For the birthday of a family member.

For the Birthday of a Family Member

  • Thank you, God, for giving me another year of life….

Thank You God for Giving Me Another Year of Life

  • Birthday prayer for newborn baby

Birthday Prayer for Newborn Baby

  • Birthday Thanksgiving prayers for self

Birthday Thanksgiving Prayers for Self


Thanksgiving Prayer After Communion Catholic

Grow your faith over God and give thanks to him for all the things and blessings he has showered on you. Thanksgiving prayers are one of the best ways to praise God and to show your thankful heart to him.

Communion is a ceremony when Catholic people eat bread and drink wine is drunk to show their devotion to Jesus Christ. It is the way of showing one’s closeness and relationship with God. On the occasion of Thanksgiving, Catholic people perform the ceremony of communion and offer prayers to God.

These Thanksgiving prayers will help you a lot if you are looking for Thanksgiving prayers after communion catholic.

So, do not waste time and prepare these prayers for thanksgiving as the festival is on its way.

  • Soul of Christ, sanctify me.

Soul of Christ Sanctify Me

  • Gracious God, we thank you.

  • Almighty God, we thank you for…

Almighty God We Thank You For


Praise and Thanksgiving Prayer Catholic

Thanksgiving is the occasion that gives a lesson to give thanks in all circumstances. The idea of Thanksgiving is considered to be a Catholic tradition and this is the reason this beautiful festival is celebrated with great passion and faith. However, Thanksgiving is just a harvest festival that did not have any religious connection and all the people celebrate it with equal devotion and joy.

Every religion has a tradition and belief of praising the God through offering him prayers. It is because that they have a belief that praising God make him happy and he showers his blessings on mankind.

Thanksgiving is the festival that gives you an opportunity to praise the God and receive his blessing for the year.


  • You are the God who formed us..

You Are The God Who Formed Us

  • Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord Thanksgiving Poem

  • Yours, Lord is the Glory, In Everything I See

Yours Lord is the Glory In Everything I See

  • Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving Blessings Prayer

  • Light of Lights….

Thanksgiving Light of Lights Prayer

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!!!!

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