Thanksgiving Writing Prompts For Students Kids to Adult Writing Prompt Ideas

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts Ideas: Writing prompts are generally an assignment given to students in a written format. According to this, a student has to write about any particular topic. It is actually designed to evaluate a student’s imagination and inculcate a habit of being creative by not working stereotypically.

It is a good exercise to build creativity among students and doing them on a regular basis can help a student to express him or her in a really creative way. This is not bound to any group of age. Anyone can make use of his or her creativity, which can ultimately be a masterpiece.


The sessions of writing prompts can be interesting if students are tackled in the right way. 

Thanksgiving general writing prompts

Thanksgiving Day is a really cheerful day. Writing about Thanksgiving can sometimes be some sort of boring activity because every time you cannot write the same thing. In this aspect, writing prompts can be really. It enhances ideas and makes people use their creativity. Here are some questions that would evoke people’s interest and fetch their ideas pushing them to write even better.

  1. A turkey’s top 10 reasons why not to eat it.

This can be an interesting topic to write. This can come as a most hilarious activity ever done. This is a general topic to be written upon. People of any age can write on this. They imagine themselves to be a turkey and can jot it down whatever they feel about this that to being a turkey. This would be a good topic to be given to a general mass.

  1. My top ten list of things I am thankful for.

This is really a general topic on which everyone can write. This topic can help people to prioritize people and things in their lives and can be useful to seek importance of whatever you have. The list that people would make could help them to know exactly where their lives are heading. They could actually get the true meaning and essence of Thanksgiving once they are done with the list.

  1. Where is your favorite place to celebrate and why?

This would be the typical question to be asked in writing prompts. Sometimes, you can get bored out of this question, as you are aware of your city so well that you would not be willing to listen at all. However, sometimes, you too are updated with amusing unknown facts about your known place which can add on to your knowledge. This is a topic on which you need not think more, all you have to do is, remember the best Thanksgiving you had and write about it.

This can give students a sense of nostalgia and help them to revisit their past.

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High school Thanksgiving writing prompts

High school is the best time to fetch ideas out of students. Students tend to gain confidence in this age of time. In addition, a clear-cut picture of their future is framed ahead so they can fetch more ideas and be more confident.  Here are some topics that you can give as Thanksgiving writing prompts, which ultimately start to inculcate a habit of writing and expressing themselves.

  1. Would you have preferred to be a pilgrim or a Native American? 

By the time of High School, children are well aware of the history behind this very day. They are expected to cook some good stories up. This topic can give ample ideas to the student and help him or her to be more creative. Through this, you can even revise the history of your place and the importance of given symbols like a pilgrim. 

  1. In what ways do you think Thanksgiving will be different 50 years in the future?

This is a challenging topic to write upon. Students can really use their creative ideas and jot down their perspective about the future. You can get to know about the expectations that students keep regarding their future country. This topic can be imaginative. It would highlight the aspirations and expectation of a future citizen from their own nation as a whole. 

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Kindergarten Thanksgiving writing prompts

Little kids are creative as they do not fear any sort of social construct. In fact, they boldly express themselves in front of everyone. They are so instant and honest too.

For them, you need not search for any intellectual questions. Even the simplest questions can ignite their creativity. For Thanksgiving, some simple questions can be given. Some of the questions are given here.

  1. If you could invite any guest for Thanksgiving, who would it be and why?

This is a really interesting question for kids of kindergarten. As kids are not familiar with the social scenario, they would surely come up with any fictional character or cartoon characters. Theirs made up stories would be surely adorable. As their stories would come from their real hearts, you would really enjoy reading it. You can expect some superheroes in their stories. This would be fun and you can even relive your past through their stories.

  1. Write a story on turkey joining you for Thanksgiving dinner.

This question would make minds of little kids work. They would surely cook a cute story and fearlessly share it with others. As children are expected to play, sleep, eat and learn, their story would revolve around that only. Toys can be added to their stories. Based on their stories, you can easily make out with what perspective kids look on a turkey. It would be interesting to know what they think of a turkey.

  1. Describe your families’ Thanksgiving

On being asked this question, kids would tell about their own family and the setup of their family. This would really help a teacher to understand the basic link between their students and their families. You will get to know, how their parents are handling them and moreover, you will get to know about the diversity in tradition.

At last on the Thanksgiving dinner table, don’t forget to say a Thanksgiving prayer for the family: Short & Long here.

These questions would really enhance your kid’s creativity and help the kids to understand the basic idea of Thanksgiving Day tackling their knowledge about the same.

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